Learn Guitar Chords

Everyone loves music. And if you happen to love the guitar you really can learn guitar chords and start playing your favorite songs in a very short period of time.

Here’s the skinny on the types of chords you should learn how to play:

Open chords: These are the first chords you should be working on when learning guitar chords. Though these are the most basic chords, the challenge comes when changing from one chord to another chord.

It’s all in the fingering and finger memory. So, put in some practice on these chords to get the hang of them. These chords are your foundation.

Open chords are named as such because they have at least one open string. In other words, at least one string is not fingered. These kinds of chords are heard in all styles of music and are perfect for playing on an acoustic guitar.

Open chords are used almost exclusively in folk music, traditional country, and bluegrass, but there is no limit to using open chords in all styles.

Barre Chords: Also known as Bar Chords, these are the chords that you play with one finger forming a “bar” across the entire fretboard. Barre chords are really the same as open chords, except by using your finger as a bar, you can now play the open chords anywhere on the fretboard.

There is a multitude of online guitar instruction programs from which you can learn guitar chords easily. You will start by memorizing the chord shapes (where you put your fingers) and associate the shapes with a letter.

For a better understanding of chords, let’s look into some of the chord names:

• You start with the alphabet. All the chords in a guitar are named from ‘A’ to ‘G’. Hence you should make sure you memorize the letter that corresponds with each chord shape. You cannot play songs from a chord sheet if you do not learn these shapes.

• On your music sheet, if you see an ‘m’ following a chord letter, as in ‘Bm’, then you know it is a B minor chord. Therefore, you finger a Bm chord.

• If you see a ‘7’ following the chord letter, as in ‘B7′, then you know that the chord is three notes plus an additional note that is seven intervals above the ‘root’ note. But you need not get too concerned about the music theory yet. Just finger the chord shape for B7.

• To mix it up a bit, you might find yourself playing a Bm7 or a Bmaj7 or F#maj7 and so on. Don’t let your head start spinning. Just memorize the shapes associated with the alpha numeric coding and practice. Your fingers will develop a ‘memory’ and playing chord changes will be like second nature for you.

The best way to learn guitar chords is to start practicing a song you like. In this way you will recognize the flow of the music as well as the chord changes. Make sure you memorize all the chord names and their corresponding shapes, else it will be difficult to play songs correctly.

Regular practice will allow you to play chords for almost any song. Never hesitate to keep practicing songs you may be having difficulty with. The repetition will allow your fingers to memorize the changes.

Make use of the instructional software that is available on the internet. The software takes care of every detail of learning, and speeds up the learning process. Paying an in person instructor to teach you guitar is no longer necessary.

You can learn guitar on your own just with the click of the mouse. Once you learn guitar chords, you will be playing your favorite songs perfectly in no time.

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