Guitar Music Lessons

You have this ambition to play guitar, but you are not sure how or where to start. So, I made this website to help you find the best online guitar music lessons. Online guitar lessons are very convenient because you can take your lessons any time you want, which is great if you have a busy schedule.

In addition to the great flexibility of guitar music lessons online, there are a lot of websites that have very easy to understand guitar lessons. That does not mean the lessons are ‘dumbed down’. It means the teachers and methods are outstanding. Before you start online guitar lessons, check out this step by step guide:

Reading Tabs – Tablature or tab is the simplest form of music notation. Learning to read tabs is likely to be your first lesson. Tabs are read from left to right along a series of lines that are very similar to sheet music.

Basically, the lines represent the strings and numbers show which frets you should finger. Some snobby musicians think tabs are sheet music for dummies. I find tabs to be a great way to learn how to play songs very quickly. Tabs are a very effective teaching tool.

Flexibility – At first, you might find playing guitar uncomfortable. After all, your fingering hand and fingers don’t naturally contort in the ways required for playing guitar. Your hand and fingers will become more flexible the more you practice. Eventually, you’ll be able to play guitar and be totally comfortable with the positioning.

Guitar Care – Make sure you read the care instructions provided by the manufacturer of your guitar. Learn how to change guitar strings. After you are finished playing, wipe your guitar clean with a non-scratch cloth. Learn how to tune a guitar and keep it in tune. Use online resources to find tips on the care and adjustment of your guitar.

Learn Chords Library – Many websites that offer guitar music lessons have a chord library. It is important to keep building your chord vocabulary. If you get a song on which you do not know the chords, you can easily find the chord shapes and work it out.

Practice Scales – A scale is a selection of notes that is arranged in ascending or descending order. Practicing scales is great way to build playing endurance and speed. Learning scales builds your vocabulary for improvisation and soloing. Remember, music is a language.

Practice Timing – Purchase a metronome, or use a free one online. A metronome generates beats in beats per second (bps). Play along with the beats to increase your rhythmic accuracy. Definitely use a metronome every time you are practicing scales.

Playing guitar is a science, art, and language all rolled into one. The most essential thing to master the art of playing guitar is your dedication and interest. Regular practice is key.

Just like in anything else, being great at guitar is 80% desire. If you are dedicated and focus on what you do, there is no doubt that online guitar music lessons are the best way for you to learn guitar quickly and at a very reasonable price, sometimes even free.

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