Guitar Music Lessons

You have this ambition to play guitar, but you are not sure how or where to start. So, I made this website to help you find the best online guitar music lessons. Online guitar lessons are very convenient because you can take your lessons any time you want, which is great if you have a busy schedule.

In addition to the great flexibility of guitar music lessons online, there are a lot of websites that have very easy to understand guitar lessons. That does not mean the lessons are ‘dumbed down’. It means the teachers and methods are outstanding. Before you start online guitar lessons, check out this step by step guide:

Reading Tabs – Tablature or tab is the simplest form of music notation. Learning to read tabs is likely to be your first lesson. Tabs are read from left to right along a series of lines that are very similar to sheet music.

Basically, the lines represent the strings and numbers show which frets you should finger. Some snobby musicians think tabs are sheet music for dummies. I find tabs to be a great way to learn how to play songs very quickly. Tabs are a very effective teaching tool.

Flexibility – At first, you might find playing guitar uncomfortable. After all, your fingering hand and fingers don’t naturally contort in the ways required for playing guitar. Your hand and fingers will become more flexible the more you practice. Eventually, you’ll be able to play guitar and be totally comfortable with the positioning.

Guitar Care – Make sure you read the care instructions provided by the manufacturer of your guitar. Learn how to change guitar strings. After you are finished playing, wipe your guitar clean with a non-scratch cloth. Learn how to tune a guitar and keep it in tune. Use online resources to find tips on the care and adjustment of your guitar.

Learn Chords Library – Many websites that offer guitar music lessons have a chord library. It is important to keep building your chord vocabulary. If you get a song on which you do not know the chords, you can easily find the chord shapes and work it out.

Practice Scales – A scale is a selection of notes that is arranged in ascending or descending order. Practicing scales is great way to build playing endurance and speed. Learning scales builds your vocabulary for improvisation and soloing. Remember, music is a language.

Practice Timing – Purchase a metronome, or use a free one online. A metronome generates beats in beats per second (bps). Play along with the beats to increase your rhythmic accuracy. Definitely use a metronome every time you are practicing scales.

Playing guitar is a science, art, and language all rolled into one. The most essential thing to master the art of playing guitar is your dedication and interest. Regular practice is key.

Just like in anything else, being great at guitar is 80% desire. If you are dedicated and focus on what you do, there is no doubt that online guitar music lessons are the best way for you to learn guitar quickly and at a very reasonable price, sometimes even free.

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Increase Guitar Speed With These 5 Tips

If you want that extra edge that makes you a dangerous guitar gunslinger. If you are always on the lookout for “new” secrets to increase guitar speed. Then, you should be doing these five things as a foundation to increase guitar speed picking.

1. Play With Alternate Picking

You cannot play guitar fast without using up/down pick strokes. While you might be able to play some runs quickly by picking only down strokes or up strokes, you can never substantially increase guitar speed without using alternate picking.

2. Use A Proper Pick

If you want to increase guitar speed, then you must use the right kind of pick. A flimsy pick does not lend itself well to fast alternate picking. This is because a flimsy or very thin pick tends to get hung up on the strings because when you pluck a string, the pick actually bends before releasing from the guitar string. This “hang time” slows your guitar picking and is a limitation if you want to increase guitar speed.

A thicker pick is less likely to bend when picking, and therefore, does not get delayed with each pick stroke. So, if you want to increase guitar speed, use at least a medium thickness pick (0.84 mm or 0.033 inches).

3. Sandpaper Your Pick

You want to sand your pick using a medium grit sandpaper. By sanding the business end of your pick, you give the pick more of an edge and allows the pick to grab onto the strings better.

I find that sanding the entire pick not only adds edge and grab to strings, but also helps you get a better grip on the pick and cuts down on having the pick slip out of position between your thumb and finger.

4. Get A Metronome And Use It

There are any number of online metronomes you can use.  Practicing with a metronome is critical not only to increase guitar speed incrementally, but also using a metronome trains you to keep the proper time when playing.  After all, the drummer doesn’t always keep proper time and as a guitarist, you must be able to maintain proper time or else your band’s performance will suffer.  There are all kinds of tricks and techniques to using a metronome to increase guitar speed.  Find a technique that you are comfortable with and practice.

5. Have The Action On Your Guitar Set Low

Adjusting the action on your guitar by moving the strings nearer or farther from the fretboard is a major undertaking. If you are reluctant to start tampering with the machine parts on your guitar, take your guitar to a reputable tech to have the adjustment done. If you want to adjust the guitar’s action yourself, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly and buy the proper tools, if you don’t already have them. You will find that you can increase guitar speed when the strings are as close as possible to the fretboard without causing fret buzz or fret outs. Put another way, make sure your guitar strings are adjusted as low as possible to the fretboard to accommodate your playing while still fully sustaining notes.

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Rock Guitar Lessons

Every time you watch an awesome guitarist performing on stage, it makes you want to play like them. Great rock guitarists are sonic gunslingers, and the very best guitarists have become mythic cultural heroes.

Every one of these rock guitar heroes had to start somewhere, and not one of them was able to play guitar at birth. So, what are you waiting for?

You probably want to take rock guitar lessons for the notoriety, popularity, whatever. So be it. Most of all, you love the music and you want to play it. That’s why I put this website together.

Here’s the deal.

You can play rock guitar. And play quite well. All you have to do is get a guitar, get some equipment, and take a lesson. Practice. Learn as much as you can. Internalize it. You can be dangerous on guitar.

Unlike many other musical instruments, the guitar does not take a lifetime to learn how to play well. Thus, all you need to do is download some lessons from the internet and get going!

You do not have to waste a lot of money and time on teachers and travel to take rock guitar lessons. The internet is an amazing tool for information and your search ends right here. But there are some important things that you should keep in mind before starting rock guitar lessons.

The very first thing to keep in mind is to select a course that is right for you. Take lessons that teach you in the most simple and effective ways. The guitar is a complicated instrument. There are great online guitar teachers that make the most complicated ideas seem simple.

Opting for video lessons is much more effective than gobs of music theory because with video, the sessions are interactive. You can see and hear what the instructor is teaching you. Video instruction makes learning easy.

The advantage of taking an online lesson is that you can go at your own pace. In the case of normal lessons, the instructor might not have the time (and you don’t have the money) to go at your pace. You get a half hour per week and that’s it. With online instruction, you can stop the lesson whenever you want and resume as you like. You can retake lessons as many times as you want.

Make sure you take lessons from a credible online program because there are some online instructors who give out incomplete information, or worse yet, wrong information. To ensure that you have the right material and the right focus, select a program that has been around a while and one that provides student testimonials.

You should keep in mind that taking rock guitar lessons on the internet is a subjective experience. In other words, you may find a particular tutorial to be difficult whereas someone else might find the same lesson quite easy.

Therefore, move through the easier portions quickly and work harder on those parts you find to be more difficult. This way, you will get the most out of rock guitar lessons. Remember, practice, practice, practice.

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Metal Guitar Lesson

Rising out of the early heavy metal bands of the late 1960′s all the way through the 1970′s, metal has evolved into a diversity of genres within the style originally known as heavy metal. From death metal, to thrash metal, doom, gothic, power metal, and so on. It’s no surprise that more and more people are looking for a metal guitar lesson.

Countless rock artists have raised the popularity of heavy rock, making fans go gaga over the music. But playing heavy metal guitar goes way beyond the haircuts and theatrics.

Learning heavy metal guitar is challenging, and you can only master it after a lot of practice. So, here’s what you should know before you take a metal guitar lesson:

Power Chords: These are not as the name ‘chords’ suggests (a traditional chord requires 3 notes), but are two notes played at the same time. These are known as dyads. They work best under high gain or distortion. Don’t forget to use earplugs.

Metal Strumming: Metal strumming is an essential part of heavy metal music. Done right, this style of playing creates a a rhythmic thumping that sounds awesome.

Palm Mute: This is a very common technique used in playing heavy metal guitar, giving much more edge to high gain guitar playing.

Fast Guitar Picking: You should also know about tremolo picking – used most commonly in thrash metal as an alternate picking technique.

Shredding: Intensely fast fingering and picking that dazzles the eyes and creates amazing sounds. Being able to shred requires more than just a little bit of practice.

Metal Lead Technique: This is one of the techniques of heavy metal music and includes hammer-ons, trills, pull-offs, pinch harmonics, bends etc.

These are some of the standard techniques you will learn in a metal guitar lesson, but they are not solely exclusive to metal guitar. With practice, you can develop hundreds of ways to play the guitar. Fill your bag of guitar tricks to the brim.

The internet has an incomprehensible number of metal guitar lesson resources. All you have to do is pick the one that’s right for you and then get started!

But there are some important things to keep in mind before you select these lessons from the internet. The basic thing is to get lessons from a site which has some credibility. The more popular sites are well established and have been around for years.

Always remember too many cooks spoil the broth. So take one lesson at a time and try not to jump back and forth between tutorials, as this will prevent you from really mastering the techniques, and you will end up learning nothing. Pick a metal guitar lesson, master it, and go to the next item.

Do not pick a little here and a little there without really getting into the metal guitar lesson. You want to make your instruction program as complete as possible and you want to advance as quickly as you can.

The best way to learn heavy metal guitar is to take a metal guitar lesson, and then another, and then another….

Soon, you will be shredding like a pro. Remember, practice makes perfect.

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Learn Guitar Tabs

Learning the guitar is something that is very hip among the young generation. But playing guitar is not just for the young. Young or old, anyone can learn guitar tabs and play any song.

No matter what music genre you prefer, the guitar is one of the most essential instruments in music. And, because of the popularity of rock stars and pop icons, good quality guitar lessons are in high demand.

Guitarists have always been sought after, even back to the age of antiquity. But it has become a more and more advanced instrument through advancements in technology and design. Yet, great guitar players carry a certain mythology about them.

Everyone recalls having seen the spray-painted sign that read, “Clapton is God.” So, for many people, knowing how to be great on guitar seems to be some kind of secret knowledge that can only be uncovered with the guidance of a guitar guru.

Nothing could be further from the truth, because nowadays there are various excellent online guitar instruction methods available to anyone that has an internet connection. These instruction software programs come in different price ranges and are well-suited for different learning styles.

If you are someone who has learned how to play the guitar, then you already know it is very important to learn guitar tabs. If you know how to read guitar tabs, you can learn any song, rather than sticking to the same few songs you picked up here and there. Do you know how to play a complete song?

Guitar tabs are similar to sheet music, but much easier to read. They are a replica of the six strings of the guitar and can be denoted with numbers representing frets.

Easy guitar learning requires that you learn guitar tabs. Since there are an infinite number of guitar instruction programs on the internet, it is important to select the right teaching system. Take these points into consideration if you want to learn guitar tabs:

Credibility: Credibility is the most important point when you select a guitar teaching method. I have often seen guitar tabs that are incorrect.

Some of the most popular online guitar tab libraries are chocked full of erroneous tabs. It is no different for online instruction programs. You definitely don’t want to learn to play your favorite songs wrong.

Service: Make sure that the instruction program you choose provides you with a comprehensive guitar course. Or else, you will end up learning things in bits and pieces.

Instruction Content: When selecting an online teaching method, make sure that you pick one that offers both video and audio lessons. This will help you to learn your lessons just as if you were in front of a real instructor.

The best programs show tabs while the instructor is teaching. This is very helpful as it does not require you to do a lot of reading and understanding.

Practice Sessions: Your instruction program should include practice content. Backtracks and tabs to the most popular songs are essential.

Learning the guitar is unbelievably rewarding. But learning to play lots of different songs correctly, you must learn guitar tabs.

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Learn Guitar Chords

Everyone loves music. And if you happen to love the guitar you really can learn guitar chords and start playing your favorite songs in a very short period of time.

Here’s the skinny on the types of chords you should learn how to play:

Open chords: These are the first chords you should be working on when learning guitar chords. Though these are the most basic chords, the challenge comes when changing from one chord to another chord.

It’s all in the fingering and finger memory. So, put in some practice on these chords to get the hang of them. These chords are your foundation.

Open chords are named as such because they have at least one open string. In other words, at least one string is not fingered. These kinds of chords are heard in all styles of music and are perfect for playing on an acoustic guitar.

Open chords are used almost exclusively in folk music, traditional country, and bluegrass, but there is no limit to using open chords in all styles.

Barre Chords: Also known as Bar Chords, these are the chords that you play with one finger forming a “bar” across the entire fretboard. Barre chords are really the same as open chords, except by using your finger as a bar, you can now play the open chords anywhere on the fretboard.

There is a multitude of online guitar instruction programs from which you can learn guitar chords easily. You will start by memorizing the chord shapes (where you put your fingers) and associate the shapes with a letter.

For a better understanding of chords, let’s look into some of the chord names:

• You start with the alphabet. All the chords in a guitar are named from ‘A’ to ‘G’. Hence you should make sure you memorize the letter that corresponds with each chord shape. You cannot play songs from a chord sheet if you do not learn these shapes.

• On your music sheet, if you see an ‘m’ following a chord letter, as in ‘Bm’, then you know it is a B minor chord. Therefore, you finger a Bm chord.

• If you see a ‘7’ following the chord letter, as in ‘B7′, then you know that the chord is three notes plus an additional note that is seven intervals above the ‘root’ note. But you need not get too concerned about the music theory yet. Just finger the chord shape for B7.

• To mix it up a bit, you might find yourself playing a Bm7 or a Bmaj7 or F#maj7 and so on. Don’t let your head start spinning. Just memorize the shapes associated with the alpha numeric coding and practice. Your fingers will develop a ‘memory’ and playing chord changes will be like second nature for you.

The best way to learn guitar chords is to start practicing a song you like. In this way you will recognize the flow of the music as well as the chord changes. Make sure you memorize all the chord names and their corresponding shapes, else it will be difficult to play songs correctly.

Regular practice will allow you to play chords for almost any song. Never hesitate to keep practicing songs you may be having difficulty with. The repetition will allow your fingers to memorize the changes.

Make use of the instructional software that is available on the internet. The software takes care of every detail of learning, and speeds up the learning process. Paying an in person instructor to teach you guitar is no longer necessary.

You can learn guitar on your own just with the click of the mouse. Once you learn guitar chords, you will be playing your favorite songs perfectly in no time.

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Learn Electric Guitar Online And Rock!

Learning to play electric guitar is easier these days with the help of guitar instruction software. And, with so many great online deals for guitars, amplifiers, pedals, cords, and other accessories, you can learn electric guitar online and it does not have to break your bank account.

Some online music stores offer electric guitar packages that include everything you need to start jamming! There is no reason you can’t start taking guitar lessons today.

It doesn’t matter whether you consider playing guitar as a hobby or a profession, online guitar lessons can teach you what you need to know to become a great guitar artist.

If you are new to playing guitar and are planning to buy a new electric guitar, it is better to shop around at a local dealer rather than buying blind from online shop. This is because you can test the guitar before purchasing, unlike an online shop.

Not all guitars are same and you may not be comfortable with all models, even if a particular guitar has a high user rating. So, finding a guitar that suits you well is the first step and a local shop is the best place to try out all kinds of different guitars. The point is, you want to learn electric guitar online with the best guitar that fits your needs and price range.

Once you familiarize yourself with a variety of guitars, you can head to online stores to secure a great bargain. If you are beginner, try to buy a guitar that has nice close action on the fretboard because it is more difficult for beginners to play on guitars that have high action.

When you shop around for your guitar at a local shop, make sure you ask the sales people lots of questions. If you are a beginner, do your research ahead of time though, so you know what questions to ask.

One word of warning: It is recommended that you avoid shopping for a guitar from a chain guitar store. I can tell you from personal experience that every guitar in a chain store is, for all practical purposes, used.

This is because hundreds of people have already played on the guitars, each and every one of them, except for the high end guitars that are out of reach. You want to try guitars that are cherry. So, if you must buy a guitar from a store, buy from a non-chain store where they actually care about the merchandise.

Once you secure your guitar, you are ready to really get going on your lessons. The internet is a great resource for guitar learning with several video tutorials and you can literally play like a rock star if you put the time and dedication into learning.

There are several web-based paid programs from which to learn electric guitar online. Make sure you look into guitar instruction systems that offer some free lessons so that you can get a feel for the method.

So, check out what is available. You can learn to rock with guitar instruction software but make sure that you are choosing the best software that suits your need.

As a beginner, it might be difficult at first to read tabs and this is where software can help you. With simple step by step instructions and lots of examples, your guitar learning will be very smooth.

The best advantage of any online guitar lessons is that you can download and play whatever you are comfortable with. If you find one song very difficult to practice, you can skip it and download another one and learn electric guitar online and rock!

You will not get the same flexibility if you are taking a guitar instruction class. For many people, playing guitar is very much associated with their mood, and if they are in a bad mood, they will not be able to concentrate.

This is where online guitar tutorials and guitar instruction systems are fantastic. You can take lessons at whatever time that you are comfortable with, even at midnight!

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Learn Acoustic Guitar

You can learn acoustic guitar with online lessons if you don’t have the time to regularly schedule in-person guitar lessons. Also, in the long run, online guitar lessons are much cheaper than one on one guitar lessons.

Many people are still reluctant to take online courses, but the truth is that anyone can grab as much as information from online guitar learning courses as they can from a conventional guitar learning class, probably more.

Whether it is learning how to build your own boat or learning to fix computers, the internet is an amazing medium because you can find tons more information than you could ever possibly read.

The only difference between a traditional teaching medium and online courses is that the online courses require a bit more motivation on your end. And, you should be prepared to take your instructional course alone because there are no ‘co-students’ for many online courses. Still, you can always participate in online forums and chats.

Some online guitar instruction programs are easier to learn from, while others are not. Therefore, it essential for you to choose a good online guitar course so that you are not bogged down trying to figure out what is going on.

The best teachers make complex ideas seem simple. That being said, there are absolutely excellent online courses from which you can easily learn acoustic guitar.

There is no doubt that you can become a very good player by taking an acoustic guitar online course. However, choosing the right instructional system is very important, because as I mentioned earlier, programs that are not easy for you to learn are worse than the worst in-person guitar teacher.

Some of the key elements that you should consider if you want to learn acoustic guitar online are:

• Number of Tutorials – It is easy for you to learn acoustic guitar faster if several examples are available. Many guitar instruction tutorials come with video examples, and the quantity of teaching videos varies depending upon the quality of the instructional method. Make sure that the program you choose has sufficient examples to make your guitar lessons simple.

• Ease of Use – It doesn’t matter how informative the learning package is, complex menu and navigation can make your learning experience tedious, which will make you give up quickly. Check to see if the teaching package offers some free lessons so you can get the feel of the program.

• System Requirements – If your computer needs a lot of RAM memory to function properly and occupy a lot of memory in your hard disc, this can slow down your system’s performance. Buy something that can get along well with your system’s configuration.

• Price – It is true that good things in life don’t come cheap, but that also doesn’t mean that you should pay a hefty sum for software. Good acoustic guitar instruction software will be the perfect blend of features and price.

When you select an excellent online teaching system, you can doubtlessly learn acoustic guitar online and play like a pro. All it takes is a little bit of dedication and some practice.

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Lead Guitar Lessons

There are zillions of websites that offer online lead guitar lessons with guitar instruction software downloads, so it is easy to learn guitar even if you don’t have time to take lessons from an in-person guitar teacher.

However, you might be suspicious as to whether such online tutorials can actually help to improve your guitar playing skills. These days, the pros and cons between conventional learning sources and new media learning sources are hotly debated, with a variety of opinions on this topic.

It may be true that you need professional instruction to learn lead guitar lessons quickly, but you should have no reservations at all because online guitar tutorials can teach you how to master the art of playing guitar.

Flight simulator games can teach you to fly an airplane, so there is no reason you cannot learn to play guitar from a computer. Thanks to sophisticated software and super-fast broadband internet connections that most of us enjoy these days, you can’t afford to not take lead guitar lessons online.

When you are planning to join online lead guitar lessons, you should consider these items:

• Reputation of The Instruction Program – It doesn’t matter that you are planning to learn guitar lessons online, the reputation of the teaching system is very important. You should find a place where even amateurs have gained good knowledge about how to play guitar like a professional.

Online reviews are the best way to find a program’s reputation. The instructor’s knowledge is very important, even with online guitar learning because it is better not to learn something rather than to improperly learn it.

• Guitar Instruction Software – Just as there are good and bad guitars around, some guitar instruction software programs are very user friendly, while others may be difficult to follow and learn from.

Some of the better online instruction programs will offer to you a lot of options that will make the quality of your lessons barely distinguishable from a real life guitar learning experience.

• The Curriculum – If you are very new to guitar learning, you may not be sure about the absolutely necessary concepts that you should learn in a guitar learning course.

It is better to do little bit of reading on the internet and in some guitar related magazines to familiarize yourself with the ‘recommended’ guitar learning lessons. Before joining an online guitar instruction program, make sure the course covers everything that you want to learn.

It is also important to take take your time with the course in the beginning. Like anything else, taking your time is usually best with learning to play guitar.

A good course must also cover a considerable amount of time on the technical aspects of your guitar. You should be well informed if you need to approach a professional luthier or guitar repair shop, even for very minor work.

There is no doubt that learning guitar is an unbelievably rewarding undertaking that will relax your mind and soul, which will help you to escape from your hectic everyday routine.

Since most of us work several hours a week these days, going to a guitar instructor may not be very feasible. This is why online lead guitar lessons are very popular these days.

You can learn lead guitar lessons whenever you are free and there is no minimum time limit. Like any other art, guitar playing is also a skill that you can master with time and dedication.

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Guitar Learning Software

Every time you see a guitarist play in a video, the very next thing you want to do is learn to play guitar yourself. Guitar has inspired a lot of people around the world, especially the young crowd, and with all the hype about rock music in today’s music scene, it is well accepted that learning how to play a guitar is a matter of prestige.

But if you haven’t learned to play the guitar so far, thinking about the hassles of hiring an instructor and the expense that comes along with it, then it is to your benefit that there is an easy solution. Various guitar learning software is available on the internet today, and all you have to do is to select the type you need.

The internet, as you already know, has seemingly endless amounts of information right at your fingertips. And, there are multitudes of resources about how to play the guitar. Therefore, you can master the guitar with guitar learning software.

There are various types of guitar learning software available on the world wide web, and vary in intensity. Some of the different learning software is:

• Detailed tutorial: This is the ultimate in a guitar learning software package, as this gives you all the lessons you need, from the very basic to the most advanced methods of learning. Every detail is explained and you will be shown the nitty gritty of learning the guitar.

Chocked full of video and audio learning instructions, this guitar learning software gives you lessons in both acoustic and electric guitar. They include scores upon scores of lessons and come with loads of songs for you to practice with. Thus, using this software is like inviting an instructor right into your own home to teach you guitar lessons.

• Mid range tutorial: These might not be as detailed like the above, but will give you a strong and comprehensive program in learning the guitar.

These also come with an audio and video instruction mode, and will enable you to play songs along with scores of songs to practice. Therefore, this type of instruction system will teach you the art and science of playing the guitar.

• Basic guitar learning software: This software just teaches you the basics of learning the guitar. And, it is very good software for beginners. It does not require that you have previous experience in guitar playing, so the lessons are more basic and easier to follow. Beginners will find it very good in teaching the basics of playing guitar.

• Cheap guitar learning software: This software is easy on your wallet as they do not cost much and some are even free. So, they might not have the full package of information on how to learn the guitar. If you are someone, who already knows to play the guitar and this is just an add-on to your knowledge, then its fine. But if you are a beginner, then this package is not advisable for you.

Thus learning how to play a guitar is no big deal when to master the guitar with guitar learning software is available on the internet.

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Guitar Instruction Software

Today the new generation finds all kinds of music to listen to. It is a cacophony of styles from rap to metal to country and all points in between. One thing remains the same: The guitar is the main instrument of the game. As the instrument has mesmerized many crowds, young and old, the demand for learning how to play the guitar has increased exponentially.

The guitar has never gone out of fashion, but has evolved through generations. Isn’t it true that when you see some of your favorite guitarists playing the axe, you yearn to be able to replicate the techniques used by the pros. But many do not go for a guitar class because of the time commitments as well as the huge instruction fees one has to incur.

But thanks to the internet, where information is like an ocean, you can easily find guitar instruction software readily available for you. Hence all you need is to choose the right kind of software.

The internet allows you to learn to play guitar with guitar instruction software. And, there are all kinds of software packages available depending upon your particular needs.

Full Service tutorial: This software gives you a detailed tutorial with instructions as to how to play a guitar. Coupled with dozens upon dozens of video and audio instructions, you may feel this to be a real life experience. This software contains detailed instruction so that you get to know how to play the guitar right from scratch.

This includes instructions that cover the basics all the way to the high end techniques used by very advanced players. Moreover, this software comes with scores of popular songs to practice from. This kind of software is worth it if you are really serious about playing the guitar.

Mid range tutorial: This tutorial package gives insight into all the techniques of how to play a guitar. Though not as complete in details as the full service tutorial, this too comes with video and audio instructions.

So this kind of software is pretty good for people who have prior experience of playing the guitar, and want to sharpen their skills.

Basic Service tutorial: This is meant for only those who do not have any prior experience in playing the guitar, hence only contains the basic structure as an introduction.

This also comes with video and audio instruction and provides the same effect as the other software. But the only difference being that this does not contain the high end techniques of playing a guitar.

Low cost software: These types of guitar learning software packages are easy on your pockets, but is not practical for a full-fledged course.

Credibility has to be checked for such software, as some may include the wrong information. So therefore when you go online to get your guitar instruction software, be very careful in choosing what you like.

The best part about guitar instruction software is that you can learn at your own pace. You do not have to depend on any one else for your lessons.

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Learn Guitar With Lessons on DVD

Learning guitar is not an easy task. But it can be easier with guitar lessons on dvd. Many people pay for traditional lessons, and end up spending a lot of time trying to remember what they were taught in the classroom. It takes a long time to learn how to play guitar with traditional lessons, and that means it can cost a lot of money over that period of time.

There are definite downsides to getting traditional lessons, and they are not all financial, but it’s definitely a major factor, given the economy we are in today.

So what is a person to do with the passion to learn guitar and lack of financial status to purchase a slew of lessons? The answer is simply guitar instruction on dvd.

Traditional lessons can be tedious. Sitting in a classroom with a guitar pro doesn’t really make lessons easy to follow. Sure, while you’re there you might feel like you’re learning how to play guitar, but once you take yourself out of the classroom you might have a hard time remembering what you were taught.

The guitar takes more than just watching and learning procedures, and the unfortunate downside to regular lessons is the fact that learning at your specific pace takes time. While the teacher is adjusting lesson plans to your specific learning speeds, you’re shelling out more money to continue the lessons. This could sting your wallet fast, and can be seen as a waste of money, not to mention your time.

You can learn guitar with lessons on dvd a lot easier than going to someone to learn. The great thing about learning a musical instrument with instructional dvd’s is the fact that you’re going to learn at whatever pace you’d like. You’re in the driver seat in regards to playing the instrument.

If you miss something, or if you’re not sure what the lesson is trying to show you, you can pause it, rewind it, and watch it multiple times. This is an important step in your overall lesson plan, and something that can not be done with a teacher. If you wanted to retake a class you didn’t understand it’s going to cost you, while retaking a lesson on dvd is going to be free of charge.

Save money on gas by not going anywhere for your lesson. One of the drawbacks to getting lessons at a location is the fact that you have to drive to get there. Why waist gas money, especially if the music store is far away from you.

Even if the place was close by you still have to spend time getting there, and you’re a slave to their schedule. With guitar lessons on dvd, you can really set your own schedule to learn guitar. You decide when you need to move forward and that’s an important thing for today’s rushed lifestyle.

Learning guitar doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. It doesn’t need to be on someone else’s time, and it doesn’t need to be taught by someone that isn’t invested in you personally. Make sure that you are in the driver seat, and learn at your own speed, not someone else’s.

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Excel With Guitar Instruction Books

If you have been wanting to learn guitar and haven’t really known where to start, you should definitely consider looking into guitar instruction books.

These are carefully plotted stylized books that will have you going from guitar zero to guitar hero. Many people today enjoy learning a new instrument and that can be a daunting task. Learning a new instrument can be an arduous task if you end up going with lessons that don’t fit your learning style.

We all learn in different ways, but one thing is for sure, a good tutorial can really teach you more than the average teacher can in a half hour lesson. It’s no wonder that more and more people are finding instruction books help more than traditional lessons. Not only that, it saves money over time.

You can try learning guitar on your own, just using the strings and the tones. However, that can be complicated, and unless someone shows you the placement of fingers you’re going to be lost.

And, guitar instruction books can really set you up with not only the images to locate what each fret means, but also show you how to put your hands to strum and pick your way to guitar glory.

Whether you’re a novice or a professional, you’re going to be able to see significant results faster than with other traditional methods.

No matter if you’re looking to start playing guitar or have been working on playing guitar for some time now, you can benefit greatly with guitar instruction books. You can use them as a reference guide, or you can use them to further your strengths with the guitar.

Some of these books will even teach you step by step how to play your favorite bands songs. You can then build your own songs based on traditional songs, and your imagination can go wild. There’s a great financial benefit to getting a good instructional book and that’s something you can’t deny.

If finances are a concern for you, consider getting guitar instruction books rather than the traditional lesson route. Remember you can always retake a lesson from a book, for no extra charge, while you’d have to pay someone to show you a class again after taking it.

If you simply do the math involved with retaking lessons, you might find that there is a great savings involved with getting an instructional book. If you’re disciplined and diligent with the craft, you’ll be the life of the party whenever you pull out your guitar and play some nice tunes for you and your family or guests.

You can teach yourself guitar with a good instructional guide. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Trust your instincts and go step by step through a good instructional book, and see how far you can grow with the guitar in your hands.

Take it slowly or breeze through lessons at your own schedule and pace. It’s a small price to pay in comparison to more costly lessons, that’s for sure.

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Download Guitar Lessons

You can download guitar lessons for a mere pittance compared to the price of taking formal one-on-one guitar lessons once a week from a guitar instructor.

Some might question the effectiveness of learning how to play the guitar from internet sources. Download guitar lessons, however, are some of the best guitar lessons you can take. Just check out the testimonials given by people who learned to play the guitar from an online program.

You want to start gigging, but your guitar playing is not up to the task? Download guitar lessons and put yourself in a position to be able to play out anytime and anywhere.

Sounds simple right? Well, first of all, you need to find a great online program from which you can download guitar lessons that will effectively teach you. But, you need to be motivated and put forth some effort in terms of practice. Practice makes perfect.

When you download guitar lessons from the internet, you can be sure that the program of instruction will leave no stone unturned. Many guitarists that take in-person lessons are oblivious to the fact that their instructors leave out important components in theory and method.

Put another way, you can be assured that high quality online guitar lessons give you everything you need to be a great guitar player. It is really all up to you.

When you download guitar lessons from the internet, you can study guitar from anywhere in the world. Even better, most online guitar instruction programs are taught by REAL working pro guitarists. And, the instruction is comprehensive.

What can you expect to learn when you download guitar lessons? Let’s begin with scales. There are many different guitar scales. The most widely used guitar scale is the Minor Pentatonic Scale. In fact, if there is only one guitar scale that you ever learn, the Minor Pentatonic is the one you cannot live without.

To feel the music through the guitar without much effort, the Minor Pentatonic Scale is the first place to start. Download guitar lessons and learn how to master this critically important scale. Eventually, you will be able to identify famous guitar solos that use the Minor Pentatonic Scale.

Better yet, you will develop the skill necessary to figure out how to play famous guitar solos through familiarity with guitar scales.
When you download guitar lessons, be aware that you will be undertaking a self-study course in guitar.

There are some great self-study programs available that teach you how to play guitar. These instructional kits include music theory, chord styling, tablature, and methods so that you can begin playing songs literally “out of the box.”

If you get to feeling overwhelmed, do not get frustrated. Learning to play guitar takes a little time and effort. With an excellent self-directed guitar course, you can advance quickly and with a little perseverance, you will become dangerous on guitar, indeed.

Stop procrastinating and start playing guitar today.

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Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Beginner acoustic guitar lessons online are a fantastic way to learn how to play the acoustic guitar at your own pace for an unbeatable price.

Typically, guitar lessons run $20 to $30 per week. That’s $1,000 to $1,500 a year! Online guitar lessons not only save tons of money, but they also allow you to re-take the same lessons over and over again.

One advantage to taking beginner acoustic guitar lessons online is that the video instructors are professional guitarists. So, there’s no danger that you are getting anything less than the very best guitar instruction available.

Luckily, online guitar instructors are great teachers and offer excellent motivation to keep practicing…a lot!

Whatever style of music you decide to learn, you cannot go wrong with beginner acoustic guitar lessons. Soon, you will find yourself on a journey to a whole new world of expression. From traditional, to folk, to contemporary, to bluegrass, to country, to soft rock, to the blues, to jazz, the art of playing acoustic guitar starts with beginner acoustic guitar lessons.

With beginner acoustic guitar lessons online, there is no danger of having a bad teacher. Good online guitar instruction programs have great teachers who know how to play AND also know how to teach.

Expensive guitar lessons with a live instructor can be a gamble, especially if the student is a beginner and has no clue whether an instructor knows how to teach guitar properly.

Online beginner acoustic guitar lessons also allow you to take your guitar lessons at any time. You don’t have to schedule a certain time of day to take your guitar lesson, but it is important to take an online guitar lesson for at least one hour, once per week.

Practice every day for at least 30 minutes and you’ll be on your way to not just learning acoustic guitar, but actually playing acoustic guitar.

And, it is never too late to start learning how to play acoustic guitar. Whether you are a child, teenager, young adult, or older adult, you CAN learn how to play guitar with beginner acoustic guitar lessons.

In no time at all, you will be throwing down fiery licks and sweet chords that will dazzle everyone, including you. There is no greater satisfaction than knowing how to play your favorite songs for yourself and others.

As you advance while taking beginner acoustic guitar lessons, you will learn how to play colorful harmonies and make your guitar sound like a small orchestra. You will no doubt open up new horizons to your musical journey because the possibilities are endless.

Beginner acoustic guitar lessons expose you to the panorama of styles and sounds, showing you how to travel throughout a musical universe of theory, practice, and finally perfection.

Beginner acoustic guitar lessons will teach you how to emulate your favorite players. Once you develop a repertoire of your favorite tunes, you can begin to write and play your own music. But you cannot get there without beginner acoustic guitar lessons.

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Easy Guitar Lessons

Looking for easy guitar lessons? There are a multitude of guitar instruction programs available online for all ages.  From beginners to advanced; from children to older adults, it is never too early or too late to learn how to play the guitar. 

The key to taking guitar lessons is that the student remain focused and dedicate a reasonable amount of time (about 30 minutes per day at least) to learning how to play the guitar.  In other words, practice.

But with all the available guitar methods and teaching programs, it might be difficult to find easy guitar lessons.  So, I put this website together to provide you with some good information and direct you to what I feel are the best easy guitar lessons available.

That depends.  Let me set the record straight.  Beginning guitarists quit playing guitar because they do not achieve guitar mastery in 24 hours. 

You know what?  No great guitar player ever achieved guitar mastery overnight, well, maybe Stevie Ray Vaughan, but that is another story.  Easy guitar lessons are “easy” only if you are dedicated to learning how to play the guitar.

However, you can begin playing basic guitar chords immediately.  Put a few different chord shapes together and you will be able to strum simple songs very quickly. 

Your playing may not sound good or feel good at first, but you can take easy guitar lessons and get started playing guitar almost overnight, so to speak.  Do not get frustrated.  You have to walk before you can run.

Absolutely, but wait a minute.  Do you have the funds to pay a guitar instructor $20 to $30 per week?  Also, you must consider that guitar lessons are kind of hard without a guitar. 

If you do not already have a decent guitar, you will need to get one before you start.  You can find a fairly decent beginner guitar (acoustic or electric) for under $250.  If you decide to use an electric guitar for lessons, don’t forget the amplifier.

Now, if you expect easy guitar lessons from a highly qualified private instructor, get ready to work.  You will be working at the guitar teacher’s pace. 

Guess what? 

Your private guitar teacher’s pace will ensure that you have to keep taking guitar lessons.  In other words, you will spend tons of time on memorizing how to play old standards like “Tom Dooley” and “Streets of Laredo.”

By the time you really start making progress in private guitar lessons and begin working on songs YOU want to play, you will be well into the 2nd or 3rd year of lessons. 

That’s why so many beginning guitarists never become advanced guitarists.  The lessons are just too boring and practice is incredibly tedious.  It does not have to be that way.

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